Timber Marking
Tree marking involves the careful selection of trees for harvest (under a partial cutting system), based on a forest management prescription. Specific trees are selected to be cut or left, based on their growth potential, ability to provide seed or wildlife benefits in the forest. This selection process takes into consideration numerous individual tree characteristics, not just tree size. Each tree to be cut is marked with paint to ensure that the prescription is followed.
Timber Marking

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  1. The site visit is the opportunity for the landowner and forest consultant to discuss the many factors that are involved in resource management, including but limited to: landowner objectives, previous management, stand stocking and health, forest insects, pests, diseases and invasive species.
    Site Visit
  2. During a woodlot cruise, sample measurements are taken by using specialized instruments. During the cruise, sample measurements of the following are taken in each stand: Tree species and composition, Age, Height, Size Classes (Diameters) and Quality. The general growth characteristics and ground conditions of each stand is also noted such as topography, drainage, soil types and ground vegetation types are also identified.
    Woodlot Cruise
  3. A detailed prescription is developed for each of the forest compartments to pull together the landowner objectives with the stand inventory and identifies achievable short and long term management objectives.
  4. Trees are marked by Ontario Certified tree markers and is marked according to the objectives laid out in the Stand Prescription. Professional tree markers are educated in forest stand and structure, tree health and forests insect, pest and disease recognition ensuring that your woodlot is marked with the future quality of the stand in mind.
    Timber Marking
  5. Estimates are calculated by species based on the Ontario Log Rule, and an estimated value is developed based on current market values.
    Volume Estimates
  6. The landowner is provided with the volumes, approximate values as well as advice on how the marketing of the forest products should be completed. Some woodlots are best to be Tendered out to receive competitive bidding, where others may only need improvement cutting by a local Contractor, each scenario is different.
    Marketing Advice
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