Resource Advice
Obtain on the ground advice on the health and management options for your woodlot.
​Whether you are managing a 5-acre Tolerant Hardwood Stand, a 200-acre Pine Plantation, or planning a tree planting project, getting the right advice is the best 1st step.

Resource Advice

Get the most value out of your timber!

  1. The site visit is the opportunity for the landowner and the forestry consultant to discuss the many factors that are involved in resource management, including but limited to: landowner objectives, stand health, forest pests, invasive species and current markets.
    Site Visit
  2. After completing the site visit, analysis of all factors is considered to come up with the best management approach in order to satisfy the landowners objectives and long term sustainability of the woodlot.
  3. The landowner is provided with written advice pertaining to their individual goals and objectives and will lay out and “next steps” to be taken if necessary.
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