Management Plans (MFTIP)

The Ontario Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP) is designed to encourage landowner participation in natural resource stewardship on private forest land in Ontario.

Under the MFTIP, qualifying forest lands (excluding residences) are reassessed similar to farm land values and taxed at 25% of the residential tax rate.

To participate in the MFTIP, landowners must agree to certain conditions including preparing and following a Managed Forest Plan for their forest. The goal of the plan is to improve the owner's knowledge of the forest and increase forest owner's participation in managing their forest. In turn, this helps to ensure the sustainability of Ontario's private forests.

MFTIP Plans Include

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  1. The site visit is the opportunity for the landowner and forestry consultant to discuss the many factors that are involved in resource management, including but limited to: landowner objectives, previous management, stand stocking and health, forest pests and diseases and invasive species.
    Site Visit
  2. A complete inventory is collected in all forest compartments (stands) in order to get a complete picture of the stand stocking, health, regeneration, other vegetation and wildlife habitat.
  3. A detailed prescription is developed for each of the forest compartments to pull together the landowner objectives with the stand inventory and come up with achievable long term and short term management objectives.
  4. A detailed Management Plan is generated that contains all the necessary information required by the MNR&F, including Property Information, Landowner Information, Property Location, Aerial Photography, Compartment Inventory, Objectives and Management Activities.
    Management Plan
  5. The plan is then submitted to the MNR&F along with all the necessary documentation. After the plan is submitted, a confirmation notice is sent to the landowner to ensure proper deduction of their taxes is received.
    Submission & Approval
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