Harvest Monitoring
A harvest inspection is the best way to ensure that the future of your woodlot is protected.  Forestry Consultants are trained to understand proper logging techniques and when there is unnecessary damage occurring on your property.  Keep the value of your woodlot at its highest by having a professional monitor your harvest operation.
Harvest Monitoring

Ensure your woodlot is covered!

  1. The site visit is conducted during the harvesting operations to ensure that all items in the Timber Sale Agreement are being upheld. While on-site a stand inventory is collected, an inspection of the landing area, skid trails and felling quality is assessed.
    Site Visit
  2. Once the site visit is complete, all the data is taken back for analysis in order to verify the stand structure and to compile a damage assessment.
  3. A detailed report is generated to inform the landowner what was seen during the site visit and to outline the information collected during the analysis.
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