Our Other Services Include ...
  1. We provide services for managing and controlling various invasive species including European and Glossy Buckthorn. Control methods can be either mechanical (cutting, mowing, pulling) or by means of herbicide depending on the species and site. Each scenario is analyzed to ensure the most effective control method is utilized.
    Invasive Species Control
  2. Plantations are designed to be actively managed throughout its growing stages. We offer services to improve the quality of your plantation including Mowing, Pruning and Selective Thinning.
    Plantation Management
  3. We offer services for site preparation whether preparing for a tree planting project or habitat restoration. Services include Plowing, Disc & Cultivating, Mowing and Herbicide Band Application.
    Site Preparation
  4. We offer advice and services for developing Hiking Trails, Skid Trail Layout and Harvest Landing Areas.
    Layout & Design
  5. We offer many services regarding firewood, including Firewood Processing (both on and off site) & Sales.
  6. We offer this service for illegal tree removal. Stumps are marked, a letter of observation is completed with findings and presented to the landowner and the logger.
    Legal Investigations
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